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Over 50 Years of Experience

Racing Is in Our DNA

At Mission:Autosports, performance cars and racing is in our DNA. Owner Steve Puffpaff started out as a mechanical engineer, working 15 years creating automating machinery. Although he excelled as a mechanical engineer, during that time, he continued to work on cars as a hobby and nurtured his love of speed through racing. Weekdays were spent engineering, but the weekends were spent at the track. Those weekends at the track help him become an skilled, amatuer race car driver and driving instructor! His passion for motorsports continued off the track as well- when he wasn’t driving or instructing, he honed his engineering skill into something else that would help him go faster. He started fabricating custom performance parts for both street and track cars.

As time when on, Steve built a reputation in the race circles for his custom parts and fabrication work. At the track, Steve would help other racers fix their cars. They would discuss parts that would be needed on the track and by the following weekend Steve would have produced for them just what they needed. He helped them go faster and achieve improved lap times! Customers loved his attention to detail and well executed products so much that they kept asking him to do more- from suspension work, to race engine builds, to custom roll cage builds and beyond. The growing requests for Steve’s hobby as custom parts fabricator was quickly becoming more than just a hobby.

Turning a Passion into a Business

As the demand increased, Steve realized he could take his passion for racing and working on performance cars, and turn it into a full time career! In 2017, he felt it was time. When he took the leap and decided to open a shop at 21650 Doral Road in Waukesha that was dedicated to working on performance vehicles, he knew exactly why he needed to help him at the shop- his father. Steve’s father is not only a race mechanic and engine builder but also bring over 40 years of experience working on race cars during the golden age of racing! Steve give credit to his father for his love of working on cars. Steve spent time around performance vehicles all his life, and his dad was the one who taught him how to work on them.

Now with his own shop dedicated to high performance vehicles and specialty parts manufacturing, Steve is able to offer extraordinary custom design and fabrication capabilities at Mission:Autosports. He and his father bring more than 50 years of combined racing and performance focused experience. Their passion is helping customers get the right parts installed the right way with a focus on precision and excellent customer service.